TID Conservation

What's the big deal with a TID Rollover?

With your currently deployed STS technology ALL your STS meters will stop accepting credit tokens on 24th Nov, 2024...

As Every Day Goes Past Between Now And Nov 2024, Less And Less TID Values Are Available For Conservation...

By acting soon and making use of our TID Conservation Solution, the prospective TID rollover date can be extended by DECADES!


Request a copy of our full TID Conservation Brochure which explains everything you need to know about the TID Rollover and TID Conservation.

Kopani's TID Conservation Solution

TID Conservation provides a very easy alternative!

TID conservation uses a unique, patented TID generation algorithm, in order to conserve the rate at which the remaining TID values are used.

The TID Conservation Solution conserves TID values and so significantly extends the TID rollover date, particularly with early adoption, giving your Utility the freedom to selectively adopt STS 6 at your own desired pace.

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